Welcome to my website. The Empire Apartments pictured here play a significant role in my cozy mystery series, The Jordan McAllister Mysteries, which have just been re-released and are available everywhere. The Garcia Girls Mysteries are now available in all formats and are also available everywhere. Yay! And if that isn't enough, my agent is currently marketing my first book in a Military Thriller series titled, SWEEPERS: DIE ONCE MORE along with a short prequel titled SWEEPERS: A KISS TO DIE FOR.

Check out the new covers for my re-released Jordan McAllister series, especially Murder For The Halibut which hit number #11 on Baker and Taylor’s Bestselling Mystery List when it released, right up there with Gillian Flynn and Michael Connolly. Sending a big thank you to everyone who made this happen. You can find these on the BOOKS page, along with trailers, excerpts, and buy buttons.

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Coming in the fall 2019

Jordan McAllister and her quirky friends are celebrating Cinco de Mayo this year at a new casino in Oklahoma, compliments of recent acquaintance, famous New York chef George Christakis. With margaritas flowing and Mexican food piled high, the weekend promises to be one big party, But Jordan can’t help herself and snoops her way into a scheme involving casino chips. The stakes are raised when the lead singer of the casino band turns up missing and more than one person has motive to want her out of the picture.It’s assumed the high-maintenance woman ran off with the owner of the casino, especially when it’s revealed they were having a tryst and he’s also gone missing.

But after a local rancher who believed the casino property was stolen from him and was hell-bent on bringing the casino down is found dead in the parking lot, Jordan and her friends launch their own investigation—a gamble that may cost them more than a few bucks on the blackjack table.