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What should have been a nice, relaxing weekend to celebrate the grand opening of a spa in the middle of the remote Oklahoma backwoods ends up with Deena Rodriguez awakening next to a dead man with her designing scissors protruding from his chest. Once again the Garcia girls, including the ghost of their dead sister Tessa, must band together to prove her innocence. But their job is cut out for them this time as the only suspect other than Deena is a stone clad monster from Cherokee folklore.

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Once again, Ms. Lipperman delivers in this wonderful fun book. Great characters, good plot, lots of twists, very well-developed. All of her works are a must-read.
                                                                                                                                                                Vicki Batman/Amazon

The Garcia sisters were looking forward to a nice relaxing sisters weekend at a newly renovated spa. However, when the ghost of their sister Tessa shows up they realize that was not going to happen, as Tessa only shows when one of them is in danger. After one of the spa guests turns up dead & all access to the outside world is cutoff, the sisters find themselves trying to solve the murder as the bodies & suspects pile up. Just the right amount of suspense & mystery, with a little romance & paranormal added for an extra treat.



As soon as they entered his room, he reached for her and kissed her, lightly at first, then more demanding. She’d had enough champagne to loosen her up, and she leaned into his embrace. Just as his hand circled around to her back and settled on her zipper, there was a knock at the door.

“Perfect timing,” he said, releasing her and walking that way. “We’ll have one more nightcap, and then I’ll show you how a woman like you should be treated.”

She swallowed hard. A woman like her? Good Lord, it was about to happen, and she wasn’t quite ready yet. She looked around, wondering where her dead sister was now that she needed her. But Tessa was nowhere in sight. She’d have to settle for that Scotch—maybe even more than just one to slow down her racing heart.

After tipping the waitress once again, Brent placed the tray on the dresser and poured two glasses of the amber-colored liquor before handing her one. She sipped the Scotch, oblivious to the burning sensation that trickled all the way down to her stomach. Before she knew it, she had finished the entire glass and held it out for a refill. Almost ready now to do what she’d come to his room to do, she placed the drink to her lips, threw back her head, and drained it in one gulp. She’d done tequila shooters with her sisters before, but she was unprepared for the rush of warmth that now pulsed through her body. With all her fears about what was about to happen successfully drowned by the alcohol, she was definitely feeling mellow and more than ready to get this party started. It was time to say goodbye to all her inhibitions and rejoin the world as a vibrant, sexually-satisfied woman once again.

This time when Brent reached for her zipper, she turned to make it easier and then allowed the black dress to slip to her ankles.

“Oh my God! You’re gorgeous,” he said, kissing a trail from her neck slowly down the length of her body.

She moaned softly as the effect of his lips on her bare skin was making her dizzy. Reaching behind, she caught herself on the edge of the bed when she nearly fell. The room was now spinning like a top, and she sat down and stared up at him. Brent?”

That was the last thing she remembered as she lay back on the pillow. When she opened her eyes again, the room was exploding with lights like the Fourth of July. Before she could get her bearings and figure out where she was, the door slowly creaked open, and she tried to sit up. Amidst a kaleidoscope of the brilliant colors, all spinning around in a frenzied pattern, she made out a large creature entering the room and coming toward the bed. Despite her intense fear, she was mesmerized by the reds, blues, and purples forming a circle around the intruder. She tried to scream but nothing came out. As the creature moved closer, she saw its silver skin shimmering in the sliver of light escaping from the bathroom. She heard it call her name, and in that moment she realized it was Nûñ'yunu'wï, the stone monster.

Why was he coming for her? Was he angry because of what she’d done to the hunting lodge?

This time she found her voice and started to scream, but the sound was muffled when the monster put his hand over her mouth. And then she felt the prick in her neck.